Do ulcers from amebic colitis heal? Having stabbing abdominal/liver area pains following treatment for invasive e. Histolytica. What helps pain?

Yes. Ulcers from amebic colitis usually heal with proper treatment. With you symptoms you should be check for hepatic abscess because E. Histolitica can migrate to liver and other parts of you body. Also, after treatment with Flagyl or Tinicazole you should be treated with Paromomycin or Iodoxyl to kill the cysts.
With treatment ,yes. With out no . Will lead to complications , most likely your doctor prescribed Flagyl already as initial treatment most of the time is enough , with treatments pain will subside. Should take precautions not to reinfected , water supply food etc , personal hygiene etc other members of family to be treated simultaneously if they are infected.
Amebiasis. Can cause liver abscess. You need to consult your doctor as soon as possible for this possibility.