What is the best way to change an infant's sleep cycle?

With a tired changer. Most infants sleep, eat, poop and pee because of their very basic needs and underdeveloped nervous system. They have to learn everything. They develope patterns just like adults. To change a pattern you have to do the same thing over and over for 21 days. When you want the baby to sleep don't respond to their requests so quickly let them lay. Wake them up at the time you want them up. ....More.
Slow changes. depending on the age of your infant, changing a sleep cycle should be done over a span of a few weeks. Start with short increments of change (10-15 minutes)... of earlier or later sleep time. Change won't happen overnight (and if it does, it probably was a fluke). Stick with a pattern and it will work. your pediatrician should be a great resource to go over sleep cycles in detail.
Infant sleep cycle. Patience is the best way to achieve this. The infants are going to cry when you change their pattern in a way they don't like. Some infants care more about such things than others. If you need to make this change for some necessary aspect of your life, go ahead and do it, but be ready and willing to put up with extra fussing for several days. The baby will calm down and adjust, usually in a few da.