Iam afraid of colon cancer. I have been having thin stools... Sometimes they are flat... Omg... Please help?

Cancer worry. There are many conditions that can cause thin stools that are not cancer. You need to call your doctor for a check up to find out the diagnosis of your condition. A examination is necessary.
Anxiety? If you have an anxiety about colon cancer see your doctor. Do you have a family history? Thin stools could be thin for other reasons. Do you have other symptoms? Have your doctor check it out.

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I have been having thin stools on and off doctor ran cbc and everything was normal im very scared about colon cancer 18yr old male no blood or pain?

Diarrhea. Colon cancers are not common at the age of 18. May be this is some infectious origin or issues with digestion. Some people even have lactose intolerance. What test did your doctor ran? If there is not infection or food poisoning, then look for the cause of diarrhea due to digestion problem.

24 y/o male. Occasional flat or thin stools. But usually normal. No blood (that I know of). No real abd pain. Occasional constipation. Colon cancer?

See doctor. At your age probably not but any change in bowel caliber warrants consideration of a colonoscopy. You should really discuss in more detail with your doctor.
Not likely. Try taking a bulk laxative like metamucil, a couple of table spoonfuls each day for a couple of weeks to see if the symptoms resolve. If that does not help, it would be time to see a doctor.
No problem. Only way to rule out colon cancer is an occasional colonoscopy. Get plenty of god made food and leave the "junk" alone.

Been having thin/narrow stools. Clear rectal exam by gp/no blood in stool. Should I fear colon cancer? I'm 39 &had adenocarcinoma insitu of cervix 4yrago

Possible lesion. In situ adeno unrelated unless some for of radiation employed that could narrow distal bowel. Narrowing of stool suggests that there is some constriction of bowel causing a narrowing of the lumen and thus the stool. Blood does not have to be present but relying on a gp rectal not satisfactory. Sigmoidoscopy at a minimum and colonoscopy more accepted for this problem.