My 12 y/o daughter has broken her wrists 3 times, a cpl toes & a few fingers. A dr told me that wasnt normal, what could be reasons she breaks so easy?

Vit. D deficiency. Vitamin d deficiency has become more common recently, resulting in easy fracturing. The causes of vitamin d deficiency include poor dietary intake and inadequate sun exposure. Unfortunately, the recent increase in this problem has not been easy to explain with either of these. Testing for vitamin d deficiency can be done by your pediatrician.
See a specialist. There are a variety of conditions that will need to be checked for. If your pediatrician can not determine the cause, she may need to see a pediatric rheumatologist or bone specialist. One condition that may increase fractures is osteogenesis imperfecta. There are other conditions which will also need to be considered in the differential diagnosis of fragile bones.