Enlarged hilar lymph node, bilateral ant groundglass opacities, rt pulm nodules, elevated ana, fam hist. Odds of lung cancer/metasticzd fromelsewhere?

Let's not jump into. The worst conclusions. Your are 30 y/o, nonsmoker. If you look at the study, 1994, univ of miami, people who developed lung cancer under age 36 were mainly exposed to marijuana, inconclusive but something to think about. In all likelihood this is part of your rheum problem such as rheumatoid nodules or infectious such as fungal. You need a bronch/biopsy for dx. I wish you luck, keep spirits up.
Adenoparhy. Mixed picture, this could represent inflammatory diseases related to Sarcoidosis, berylliosis or a connective tissues disease. Other potential etiologies include; lymphoma or other tumors. Possibly but less likely infectious causes. Blood test panel, PET and or gallium may be helpful. Sounds like a biopsy may be needed for confirmation but several blood tests need to also be performed. .