I feel pain in my ear when cleaning. I went to doctor and said that my ear canal are not inflamed and eardrum are fine. What to do? My ears are dry.

Stop. The short answer is to stop cleaning your ears, especially if you are referring to using cotton swabs in the canals. The swabs themselves can cause irritation and trauma and may cause pain as the canal and especially the ear drum are quite pain sensitive. If you feel the skin of your ear canals is dry you may put in a drop or two of something like sweet oil or tea tree oil once in awhile.

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A few years back the doctors found a silver lesion in my ear canal. Now I was told today that I have a black lesion with roots and its growing up?

A tree grows in . Brooklyn decker's ear? Seriously, get it seen by an ENT or family doctor. By the way, who told you about the "roots"? Was this a doctor? A friend? I would think that you would want this taken care of. Read more...

My ear canal is red but not infected according to my doctor. Any idea of cause?

Otitis externa. Most commonly bacterial infection, reaction to foreign materials in ear, allergy or trauma. Swimmer's ear is a classic cause and may be due to Pseudomonas infection. What does your doctor say its due to? If they are not sure then perhaps see an ENT specialist. Good luck. Read more...