Yesterday I had an awful pain in left knee. Lasted an hour. I had blood clots before. How could they find it now.

DVT. It would be unusual for a blood clot to produce pain in the knee itself. Typically there is calf pain and tenderness and, at times, swelling of the leg. An ultrasound of the leg could diagnose the blood clot if it was present.
Knee. Pain could occur from meniscus compression, or collateral ligament pain, but typically located to or near the knee. A blood clot sometimes cause swelling and pain in or around the calf. U/s will help r/o clot.
Ultrasound. Blood clots in the leg are typically diagnosed by what is called a venous doppler study, a type of ultrasound. Pain in the knee that lasts for an hour and then goes away is not typical for a blood clot, especially if there were no other symptoms such as a noticeable swelling. However, with your history of having had blood clots, it would be wise for you to consult your doctor about this.

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This morning I woke up with a pain near my inner thigh near the left knee. What's the chance of it being a blood clot? Pain when walking and knee bent

You need an exam. You need to visit your doctor in person to get an exam. A diagnosis of your pain is not something that doctors can guess at. A physician needs to know the location of the pain .Point at it with one finger and be able to discuss its onset, location, duration, radiation to other sties, alleviating and associated factors. Once your history is known, a physical is performed to diagnose. Good luck. Read more...

Have a blood clot above left knee lots of pain and stiffness in both itching inside my right leg can you get another blood clot even though taking war?

Possibly. The ability of warfarin to prevent or treat a blood clot is partly based upon how well it is keeping your blood at a therapeutic level, which is usually checked with a blood test called prothrombin time. Diet can also have a large impact on the ability of the warfarin to work. If you have any concern, I would be rechecked for a dvt. In some cases, clots can be surgically removed ( throne tony) Read more...