Having shoulder neck back ache on rt side for months. Could it be heart disease? It's not pain just dull achy.

For. Anatomical developmental reasons, pain to the right side are uncommon for heart issues. If pain occurs as you look left or right, could be neck arthritis or radiculopathy. If with shoulder movement, rotator cuff issue. Still, things could occur inside your chest cavity so recommend be evaluated with proper exam and x ray. .

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I am 22 for a year I've had chest, arms and back ache, went to doctors, they never said anything about heart disease, why didn't doctor suspect it?

Aches. The symptoms you mention are highly unlikely to be cardiac related in a 22 year old. Your doctors likely performed history and physical exam and concluded that the symptoms you complain about were not cardiac related. Read more...

Left side chest pain. Burning full ache. Heart rate is 65-88. Ecg = clean, X-ray = clean, bloodwork = clean. My mom had heart disease. I'm 30. Ideas?

Doubt heart disease. You appear to have had all your symptoms checked by er or physician. While i understand your concern over mom's heart disease, i see no good reason for continued worry. Best to be positive and proactive about your own health. Give up tobacco, eat well, exercise and watch your weight. You might want doc to check for gerd and if worry persists, see a psychologist for help. Good luck. Read more...