Pl suggest any alternative remedy/ies for multiple myeloma I am 48 yer old and no m band seen at this moment after 6 months of chemo?

Homeopathy, herbs ; There are no proven alternatives for multiple myeloma but that does not mean they may not help; but i would continue standard treatments too. A healthy diet, tonifying herbs, reducing body burden of heavy metals ; other environmental toxins, stress reduction ; working to clear unresolved anger/grief etc. Can only help. I also advise classical homeopathy with a good homeopath. See comments for more:.
Need mor einfo. Myeloma has many treatment variations. Most younger patients(such as you) are treated with chemotherapy followed by bone marrow transplant(autologous type or asct)). You should discuss with your doctor the pros and cons of asct in your case. Otherwise you are doing well yet you should be on maintenance chemotherapy with a drug like lenalidomide(revlimid) at the present time.