I have a very sore head, achy back and legs, hot and cold, shivery, congested, tight chest, wheezy, worsening asthma. Feeling sick and dizzy at times?

Respiratory Infect. Your asthma needs much better control. Your medications need to be adjusted as soon as possible, like today. You may have a superimposed lung infection like a virus or bacterial pneumonia. Go do it right away.

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Sever back pain in the middle. Pain radiets around my sides and my rib cage. Chest tightness! I'm wheezing with my ASTHMA! Please Help Me ASAP.?

Go to ER. If you are having severe asthma symptoms with wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath refractory to rescue medications (albuterol) you need to be seen immediately for further treatment. Call 911 or go to emergency room immediately. Read more...