Was on birth control for 5 years now stopped is my changes of getting endometrial cancer still decreased for years to come?

Yes. Birth-control pills reduce your lifetime risk of of ovarian and uterine cancer. The longer you're on them, the greater the risk reduction. Women who don't menstruate regularly (who have long gaps between their periods) also have a higher risk of uterine cancer. Birth-control pills are especially important for them. Maintaining a healthy weight and normal blood sugars are also important.

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Took birth control for one day 3 weeks ago now spotting not pregnant, am I too young for endometrial cancer? Worried!?!?

Sounds normal. When you take a morning after pill, it can alter the subsequent period. You can have early bleeding or late bleeding, or prolonged spotting. These symptoms should resolve after your next menstrual cycle. To be 100% safe, you may want to take another pregnancy test in 1-2 wks. It is very rare to have endometrial cancer at this age; if you abn bleeding goes on for more than 1-2 months, see your gyn. Read more...