Can a gout attack last more than 6 weeks. Also is it normal that I need to soak my feet in very very hot water and use hot water bottle 2 relieve pain?

Maybe! First, if you are under treatment and having pain so long, you need another opinion. The medications available should have ended your pain long ago. You must not be on a uric acid lowering drug alone, since it's sole use can prolongue or cause an attack. With the right comination of colchicine, an anti-inflammatory drug, and oral or injectable steroids, you should be better. Hot water helps.
Possible/ unlikely. Gout is usually gone in several days or a few weeks tops. It can become chronic after many years of high uric acid. This would make a flare last longer. Warmth is more helpful for other kinds of arthritis (whereas ice helps gout), so tell your doctor this and see if it helps. A rheumatologist treats this kind of question.
Yes if not treated. Gout is caused by high uric acid which forms crystals in the joints (typically in the 1st toe). Warm soaks may help temporarily dissolve the crystals but the best treatment should be provided by your physician. Get evaluated for causes of high uric acid levels and possibly treated with Allopurinol or other uric acid lowering meds. Indocin, (indomethacin) cochicine, or other ant iinflammatory for acute attacks.