I am 27 weeks pregnant and have gestational diabetes what is a normal blood sugar level should be. I tested this morning and it was 141?

Fasting <95. The fourth international workshop-conference on gestational diabetes mellitus recommends the following glucose values: premeal (fasting) < 95 mg/dl, 1-hour after meals < 140 mg/dl, and 2-hour after meals < 120 mg/dl. The american college of OB gyn guidelines are the same except that the 1-hour postprandial glucose value is considered acceptable at either 130 or 140 mg/dl. If high, call your doctor.
Under 100. Under 100 in the morning.
95-105 when u wakeup. Normal bloodsugar after fasting overnight is 95-105. One hour after a meal should be less than 140. Two hours after a meal your bloodsugar should be less than 120.