Doctors, what kind of cancers can a teen get if he doesn't get HPV vaccine and is doing oral or intercourse with girl (s)?

Sounds like HPV ques. The hpv vaccine Gardasil would protect you against the 4 most common strains of hpv that cause genital warts, penile, vaginal, cervical and anal cancer. Although not specifically fda approved for oral cancer prevention Gardasil will help. We know that many mouth, throat and oral cancers are related to hpv. You are at risk to get hpv in your mouth through oral sex. Why not just get vaccinated?
Oral. Cancers in the mouth (oral) and throat (pharyngeal) are commonly caused by hpv (human papilloma). The death rate from these cancers is higher than many other cancers. Some penile (on the penis) cancers are also due to hpv. While most infections with hpv do not cause cancer, why risk it? The vaccine is safe and effective! get yours if you are sexually active!