I am not feeling good I haven't been all day I have been lightheaded all day and dizzy also having a little chest pain and a head ache what should I do?

We. Encounter viral and bacterial infections frequently. Once inside, your body will try to fight them. All these creatures are just trying to survive themselves. When that war occurs, you will feel these symptoms. Time to relax, drink healthy fluids and rest. If these persist or worsen, seek medical attention.

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I continously loose my breath, feel chest pain and start to feel dizzy or light headed, what could thi be. I also get alot of head aches?

Could be many things. hi - your symptoms are broad and could be many things. Because you are young your symptoms are less likely to be related to coronary artery disease. But with chest pain and shortness of breath, it is possible that your symptoms are related to your heart or some other condition that warrants attention. It is best to be evaluated in person by a doctor. . Read more...