My endometrial was 24mm and my dr' gave me Primolut nur and when my period started he gave me flame pills.8 full days I'm taking and stil bleeding.?

Thickened lining. Thickened endometrium lining has many reasons. Pregnancy must be ruled out. Ovulatory dysfunction/hormone imbalance has to be ruled out by endometrial biopsy. Additionally one could have a sonohysterogram to see if you have a polyp. If bleeding is excessive or prolonged on hormone treatment given to you, you may need a D&C with hysteroscopy to diagnose and cure the condition.
Check spelling. Your endometrium is the lining of your uterus. In women of reproductive age it is usually at its thickest 15mm just before your period. I don't know what medications you are taking based on your spelling, but I'm assuming it may be provera, though it sounds like you are saying you are on premarin (conjugated estrogens). I would call your doctors office to see if he recommends a D&C if your bleeding is severe.