2nd degree burn is blistering? Should we pop the blisters and remove the skin?

NO. Just let your body's own healing mechanisms play out. There's no benefit from bursting the blisters, and you could actually be doing yourself a disservice. Good luck.

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When will the pain of a small 2nd degree burn caused by boiling water on skin causing redness blister and pain size of a dime subside?

2nd degree burns. 2nd degree burns are the heating of the epidermal layers of the skin causing protein denaturation and the transudate of tissue fluids with a bubbling of that epidermal layer. With this separation of skin layers the cutaneous nerve ending ate exposed and this the pain you are feeling. Upon blister opening, releasing the fluid transudate the pain should subside. Or place a medicate covering to cover. Read more...

I have a 2nd degree burn, do I pop the blister?

Blister. It is better to leave the blister with protective dressing. Will need to avoid infection. If the blister breaks on it's own, will need a non adherent dressing for further healing. Read more...