Cold symptoms--fever, head/bodyaches, chills. Now noticed a small lump on right side of neck only in-between chin and shoulder. Should I be concerned?

Tis the season. To have the colds! you are not alone. Just make sure you are not coming down with the flu. Swollen lymph gland is a normal reaction of the body to fight infection. It should resolve in time. Not to worry unless it gets bigger, tender and hot to touch then it needs to be treated.Continue your current medications as prescribed.Feel better soon.
Lymphadenopathy. Probably of little concern. Lymph nodes enlarge and may become tender in response to their fighting an inflammatory process in that area and this may be from what sounds like a viral uri. Stay well.
It is probably. An enlarged lymph node in response to your infection. If it is larger than 1 cm or persists more than a few weeks, consult a doctor.