Recovery time from surgery for herniated disk?

Usually 6-10 weeks. Usually 6-10 weeks. People heal in different time frames. During the healing process, i advise patients to avoid heavy lifting or strenuos activity. I do encourage them to begin a walking program. Check out spine-health.Com. Good luck.
Well, that depends. It depends on the procedure, discectomy versus laminectomy versus fusion. And it depends on what sort of shape you are in before the surgery, well-toned, overweight, couch potato, etc. Usually we get back surgeries up and around walking in a matter of days with adequate pain control. Please mobilize early, and then do physical therapy. James n. Dillard, md.

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What is the recovery time from surgery on a herniated disk?

Same day low back. A microdisectomy or a minimally invasive version are typically same day surgeries with return to all activities by 3 months for best results according to studies but most activities by 2 weeks depending on conditioning and health status. For cervical, this is usually done with a fusion but all activities around same time period as lumbar but no contact sports usually with a fusion, . Read more...