Can syphilis be cured?

Germ can be killed. The germs of syphillis can be cured with antibiotics. If that germ has injured or destroyed some tissues in your body those tissues may or may not be able to recover after treatment.

Related Questions

Can syphilis be cured or treated for a lifetime or forever?

Yes. Unlike some stds such as herpes, the early stages of syphilis are easily cured (forever) with appropriate antibiotic (penicillin shot in the muscle being the drug of choice). Untreated syphilis can eventually result in a non-curable form (known as tertiary syphilis) which is nowadays quite uncommon in our country. Read more...

Can you cure Syphilis unknowingly by being treated for another bacterial disease? Ie, Step throat etc.

Syphilis. This is possible, although appropriate duration of therapy may not be correct, and the stage of the syphilitic infection is important. Need more info to answer this accurately. Read more...