Dr says might have bladder cancer did cytology and ultrasound both with abnormilities what do I do?

Comply. If you have bladder cancer and you don't follow up, it will kill you. It will not be pleasant. If you get a definitive diagnosis and treatment, for most varieties you can either get a cure or keep things under control for a basically normal life. Usually you can keep your bladder.
Bladder cancer. It is never easy to hear a diagnosis of cancer and the important thing is to wait for the cytology results. Cancers are not just one thing. They vary amongst themselves. Some are less invasive than others. Wait for the results to come back and discuss them with your urologist (u). Your u will be your best source of guidance and information. Good luck.
More investigations. You need to undergo cystoscopy to pin down the cause of your urinary bladder problem. It is the most definitive process to diagnose cancer by taking biopsy.