Does poor r wave progressive and nonspecific st&t adnormal waves mean you had a heart attack. The findings were from a nuclear stress test.

Not specific. Poor r wave progression is a nonspecific finding. It can be caused by conduction defects , anterior myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy, pathological conditions and lead misplacemement. This finding can only be suggestive, further evaluation should be done to determine the cause.
Poor R wave. Poor r wave progression could be seen in old anterior myocardial infarction (old heart attack), in lead misplacement of precordial leads by inexperienced ekg technician, also can be seen pulmonary diseases, WPW syndrome, and dextrocardia. Dextrocardia is very rare. Wpw will be seen in much young age. If you have old heart attack you should see it in nuclear stress test.