Hi, I have popped what I think was acne on my lip. It's just one dot and for the past two weeks it's been there. I'm not sure if its a zit or cancer?

Probably acne. Two weeks is a very short time - and sometimes a pimple on lip heals more slowly because of the constant movement. Keep it clean. If it doesn't heal completely within the next couple of weeks, or gets worse - should be seen by a dermatologist just to make sure. Most likely just a pimple.
Probably OK. Topgunhuey, as you are young, the "dot" you popped on your lip was probably just acne. Can't be for sure without seeing it, but by far, acne would be the most probable diagnosis. It is best not to "pop" zits, however, as that can eventually cause scarring, bleeding beneath the skin and other complications. Hope this helped!