My left supraclavicular lymph node was swollen but now its going down, so was it infected?

Not likely. Lymph nodes which enlarge are not necessarily, and in fact rarely infected, but are responding to a regional inflammation by fighting whatever is producing the inflammation. Lymph nodes can become infected, just like any other area of the body, but if they are it is unlikely that the size will go down.

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Should I be concerned about an already enlarged left supraclavicular lymph node that has now doubled in size after a flu shot yesterday?

Call doc to be safe. Assuming your flu shot was on the same side, this sounds like a normal reaction to immune stimulation from the vaccine, more prominent than usual because of the previous enlargement. Probably it's nothing to worry about, but call your doctor's office to be sure they agree. Is the cause of the enlarged lymph node known? If not, for sure bring it to your doctor's attention. Read more...