Having sx's on B6 toxicity (neuropathy, tingling, shocking feeling) not taking any b vitamins. Level is 134, no other cause for sx's found, what is this?

Not B-6 toxicity. These sound like symptoms of magnesium deficiency which is often found in conjunction with cadmium toxicity coming from stresses of many kinds. Check vit d3 and homocysteine levels. You could have a need for methyl folate, (folic acid) methyl cobalamine and the whole b complex. Re-evaluate life style to promote overall health with sleep, diet, exercise and stress management.
B6 toxicity. manifests as large fiber involvement. Typically there is loss of ability to walk due to impaired proprioception. We see a lot of it in the mid west. People are given large doses of B6 to mask carpal tunnel symptoms. Many caregivers are unaware there is a toxicity state with this water soluble vitamin. I see about 2 cases a month.