Numbness and tingling in both hands at night. Do I have carpal tunnel, or are there other causes?

Likely carpal tunnel. You are likely correct. Most often numbness at night comes from carpal tunnel syndrome. See if it mainly involves the thumb, index, middle, and part of the ring. Numbness in the small usually comes from cubital tunnel or compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow. At times numbness can come from cervical (neck) problems.
Likely carpal tunnel. A variety of things can cause numbness and tingling in the hands at night including neck/cervical spine issues or cubital tunnel syndrome. But, the most common cause is carpal tunnel syndrome. It typically will cause these symptoms in the thumb, index, middle and 1/2 of the ring finger. Symptoms can sometimes be improved at night by wearing wrist splints.
Many causes. Could be cts, but could be other things. See you doctor for starters.
Maybe. There are several causes that can give you numbness in your arms. This is not normal and should be evaluated by your doc.

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I have symptoms of trigger finger in both hands, left more than right, carpal tunnel in left hand and numbness and tingling in the left. What can cau?

Tendinitis. Your symptoms of nerve compression and tendinitis since they are localized could be related to occupational trauma other to consider hypothyroid and conditions like arthritis and tendinitis like lupus or rheumatoid.
Age. Unfortunately, each of the conditions you have listed become increasing more common with advanced age. Best to see a hand surgeon as both of these conditions can be treated.
Overuse. Which is common with typing or knitting or machete ot factory work or anything repetitive are more likely to cause carpal tunnel. The same causes trigger fingers but it is also seen in diabetes, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Can a cortisone injection into the carpal tunnel stop the numbness and tingling? If it does is that a good indication that you do have carpal tunnel?

Yes, not quite. Yes, it may help shrink swollen tissues such as tendons and thus reduce pressure on the median nerve which runs thought the carpal tunnel. This would stop the tingling numbness. The most reliable test for carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve conduction study.
Carpal tunnel inject. I use xylocaine (lidocaine) 2% with my steroid. I draw the innervation of the median nerve on the patient's hand. If after injection numbness occurs in the median nerve distribution, I wait and see if the problem resolves or improves. The nc test is expensive, and I only order it if resolution does not occur!
Steroid injection. Steroid injection can temporarily relieve symptoms of numbness and tingling in the thumb, index, and long finger. The classic signs of carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness and tingling in those digits and nighties awakening with numbness/tingling. However, steroid injection is usually not an effective long term treatment strategy. Consider evaluation by a board certified hand surgeon.
Yes. It is usually temporary. However, of you do have relief this i'd also a good indication that the carpal tunnel diagnosis is correct and that you would also likely benefit from carpal tunnel release.

When there is hand tingling, how do you know if it is caused by carpal tunnel syndrome?

EMG or MRI. It is difficult to tell if hand tingling is caused from carpel tunnel syndrome (cts) or other causes. You might try this maneuver, extend your wrist, then tap on the crease of your wrist in midline with your other index finger... Lightly. If you feel tingling in your first 3 fingers you may have cts. Confirmation of cts is usually by EMG but MRI of the wrist can demonstrate the nerve compression.
Location. Carpal tunnel syndrome will have tingling in the hand in the palm surface of the thumb, index, middle and 1/2 of the ring finger. It is usually not associated with pain above the elbow, but it can. Neck pain and weakness are usually signs of a pinched nerve in the neck and not carpal tunnel syndrome. A good pm&r doc or orthopedic surgeon can tell the difference easily with an examination.

I woke up twice this past week withy fingers tingling numb on right hand. Took a few minutes to go away. I've read it's possibly carpal tunnel?

Indeed. I would see your doctor for a full evaluation to make sure though. Typical symptoms include numbness and/or tingling of the thumb and index/middle fingers, aching wrist, and clumsiness. Try a wrist splint overnight to alleviate those symptoms until you see your doctor. Hope you feel better!
Numbness. This depends on which fingers were numb. If it was the thumb/index/middle fingers then it is likely carpal tunnel (pinching of a nerve in your wrist. If it was the ring and small fingers then it could be cubital tunnel syndrome (pinching of a nerve in your elbow). It is also possible that you could have a pinched nerve in your neck (cervical spine) that caused radiating numbness to your fingers.

Is it possible to have carpal tunnel and your feet I keep getting the same reaction in my hands as my feet with my toes going numb and tingling?

Tarsal Tunnnel Syndr. Yes, you can get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in your feet called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Both these problems are caused by pinched nerves. If you're getting both at the same time, then the problem may be something else like elevated glucose from diabetes or poor circulation, or neuropathies. This is not normal. Go see a doctor.
Yes. But in the feet it's tarsal tunnel. There are other causes of numbness though like neuromas, or even radiculopathy from the back. Systemic disease like diabetes or vitamin deficiencies so you want to make sure you have the correct etiology.

I have upper arm tingling and some leg tingling only on right side been six with carpal tunnel. However hands don't hurt or feel numb?

Recheck. Carpal tunnel syndrome will not cause numbness in the upper arm or leg. You need to be reevaluated.
Let me explain. Numbness in the arm does not come from carpel tunnel; you must have other causes, the most common one in the neck area. Check it out.
What is the Question. You may have much more dangerous symptoms tha from carpal tunnel, . Youmust get checked promptly.

I have been diagnosed with Ulnar nerve entrapment. Is it possible to have carpal tunnel as well? It feels as if my whole hand is numb and tingling

CTS and Ulnar Nerve. Entrapment can occur in the same limb. The ulnar nerve can be entrapped in more than one place as well (canal of Guyon in the base of the hand and cubital tunnel in the elbow. There are also other conditions to consider (Martin Gruber Anastomosis and "All median Hand Syndrome") A good quality EMG-NCS done by an experienced neurologist (or PMR MD) can sort this all out.
Certainly. An EMG study will conclusively document the presence of two nerve lesions, if indeed this is the case. Have your doctor order the testing.