Swollen gums, drooling, fussy, behaves as if trying hard to poo (2days back got sore bottom due to hard stool but now it's soft)teething? Shd I see a doc

Need 2 exams. Except for gi, symptoms probably due to teething, but never hurts to have pediatrician take a look. Also, must make 1st dental appointment with dentist, or preferably pediatric dental specialist.
If you are worried. Then yes see a doc. It sounds like teething and constipation. Hylands teething tablets or humphries #3 can be awesome for teething discomfort. Constipation can be relieved by stopping dairy, increasing p fruits (peach pear plum prune pineapple pumpkin peas and pomegranate). If these dont work or you are concerned than yes see your pediatrician.