Is too much sugar directly responsible for diabetes type 2?

Not directly. High sugar is by definition diabetes so high sugar level (if meet criteria) will directly give you the diagnosis of diabetes but eating/consuming sugar will not cause diabetes in the short term. Overtime, eating a lot of sugar will cause obesity, Insulin resistance which will lead to type 2 diabetes.
No. In the child diabetic, the general problem is that the pancreas quits producing Insulin so your body can not utilize the available sugar. In the adult diabetic, your cells become resistant to the available insulin. The result is too much sugar in the blood. If you are a diabetic and you eat a lot of sugar, then this can make your diabetes worse, but it is not the cause of diabetes.

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Diabetes type 2- why do we get it if are not using much sugar?

Many things. Genetics, environmental, obesity. Diabetes is caused by many things. Eating too much sugar does not cause diabetes unless it caused you to gain weight beyond normal, then it can lead to diabetes.

Got diagnosed having diabetes type 2 since a year back. Is there any way to may the sugar level normal as the criteria for military is to be normal?

No. It's not something I would try and hide from them just as I haven't recommended that other patient hide their asthma in order to get into the military. You're jeopardizing your health by not being honest with them.
Diabetis. At time you can control your sugar with diet alone, often you may need medications and diest. Get your A1C checked and discuss this with your doctor,
Weight loss, diet. Weight loss, exercise, and changing your diet can help normalize your blood glucose. It also depends how far from normal you are and whether its realistic to do this with diet, exercise, and weight loss alone. See your doctor for medications to manage your diabetes.
Exercise & diet. Exercise and diet is the first step to treatment of diabetes. Often weight loss occurs and can also help. Speak with primary doctor to make sure it's safe and get specific exercise and diet prescriptions.
Type 2 diabetes. If you adhere to a strict diet you will be able to maintain a normal blood sugar. Your doctor and a nutritionist will be able to help you.

Had pre-diabetes. Is it possible I had diabetes type 2 in past but blood sugar went down to pre-diabetes? Can 1 go from havin diabetes back to normal?

All a spectrum. It's all one continuous pathway from Insulin resistance to prediabetes to overt diabetes. The dividing lines are totally arbitrary. You need to be dieting, exercising, losing weight, getting educated, and possible taking medication. Don't wait until your number crosses some arbitrary line, then it's already too late.

What is the normal range of sugar diabetes type 2 tow hours after meal?

< 180. In a person without type 2 diabetes a 2 hour postprandial of < 140 is normal. For diabetics we recommend pre-prandial (before meal) 70-130 and 2hour postprandial < 180. Hope this helps.

I have diabetes type 2. I just got hugh blood sugar levels its on 16, 5 yesterday I had the same. ..and I got back all the symtptoms when I first got diabetes type 2 drink alot and takin a leak alot... Like why has this out of nowhere got that high bloo

High blood sugar. There are many reasons why you might have high blood sugar, usually related to the therapy you are using to control your diabetes. You must see your primary doctor as soon as possible. If your blood sugar level is above 200 you really should go to the nearest Emergency facility right now!

My dad has diabetes type 2 sugar level 350 mg/dl and had stents placed in his heart and he sometimes has pain in his heart so what is the treatment?

See doc. If he has stents he is at risk for having coronary events and his chest pain should be taken seriously unless we have already been able to attribute this to something else. Secondarily he needs his diabetes, lipids and blood pressure treated to goal. Bg should be substantially less than the 350 mentioned.