Under tongue hubby has red puffy sore with white in it? Herpes? Also red spots on penis that don't look like sores and not painful. Itch and burn pee

Unrelated. Probably not from same cause. Need to see dentist or oral surgeon and also physician or urologist for examinations to determine causes and treatments.
Need to examine. This could be a stone in a salivary duct; unusual location for a herpetic lesion. Hopefully this has nothing to do with his penis. Best advice is to go and get him examined by a doctor who can obtain a full detailed history and evaluate these issues appropriately.

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My husband has red puffy looking sore in his mouth with white in the middle. Is this herpes? He also had red spots on penis that don't look like sores

Rash. It could be but. Your description of the penile spots is not classical. Herpes. I would get him checked out by a physician. Read more...
Sores and spots. Yes, the oral sore could be herpes, but it could also be several other things. It would be highly unusually to also have herpes on the penis at the same time. I think this deserves a doctor's evaluation in person. Read more...