I have sll with 3.5 CM axillary node. Wrist on same side has sharp pain w certain moves. No tingling/numbness. Peripheral neuropathy? Carpal tunnel?

Wrist pain. Wrist pain may be caused by many things. With neuropathy, there is normally numbness or tingling. With carpal tunnel syndrome, there may be pain, numbness or tingling, especially in the thumb and adjacent fingers. An axillary node is not likely to cause any problems in the wrist, even it is close to the nerves. What movements are making it worse? That is possibly a clue related to the wrist.
MRI neck/axilla. Wrist pain may be arthritic or tenosynovial type pain. See a hand surgeon ; get wrist x-rays. As you have mentioned a large axillary node then nerve compression or neuropathy may also be a consideration - see a neurologist and get an emg/nct and an MRI neck and axilla.
See details. Not carpal with no neurologic symptoms. Tendinitis is more likely unless the joint is swollen.
Need an examination. You need to have a medical examination to help you find the cause of your pains. What is sll? Please do not confuse us with use of abbreviations...They mean different things to different people. So lets keep it simple and keep it clear.