What is grey matter and white matter in your brain?

Description. The central nervous system has white matter which transmits signals from one area of the brain to another (cerebrum and lower brain centers).Involved in how the brain learns. The gray matter is in areas of the brain that involve muscle control, sensory perception such as hearing, speech, vision, emotions and memory.

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What is white matter of the brain and what is grey matter?

White & gray matter. The gray matter in the brain is nerve cell bodies; white matter is the fibers that grow from them. These fibers also have a sheath covering them called "myelin" which is also part of white matter. If white matter is damaged in some way -- by stroke, inflammation, or disease like ms -- it shows up on MRI scans. Gray matter can be damaged also.

Can you please explain blurring between gray and white matter in the brain?

Blurring. Bluring relates to the brain image on cat scan or mri. It is usually caused by edema (swelling) or damage, causing an accumulation of fluid in the area, so the the gray matter, where nerve cell bodies are located. The white matter contains the nerve fibers that travel throughout the brain.

What kind of activities stimulate gray matter in the brain? What about white matter?

Life and effort. There is no actual need for costly and elaborate programs to improve brain capacity (presuming non-disease state). Pay attention to what is around you. Think about it. Analyze it. Dig through the endless resources of the internet. Challenge yourself with new ideas and examine your beliefs. Have intelligent conversations. Intentionally vary your activity. Get physical exercise. Live fully!

What makes grey matter grey a white matter white? In other words, what is the difference between grey and white matter?

Cells vs. Myelin. Gray matter mostly consists of the cell bodies of neurons, while white matter contains myelinated axons. Axons are like connecting wires, and myelin (which is whitish in color) serves as the insulation. For more details see: http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/grey_matter and http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/white_matter.