A 0.08ml thyroid nodule grew to 1, 44ml over 7y and new 0.03ml nodule found. Hormones ok, taking 50mg levothyroxin, fnac done in 07 - benign, calcitonin 12.3ng/l. Should I get thyroidectomy?

Thyroidologist. Has the new nodule been biopsied? Your cacitonin level sounds indeterminate. It appears you're in good hands and i think such an important decision regarding prophylactic thyroidectomy is best made by both you and your thyroidologist. Usually the presence of more than 1 nodule suggests benign nodules, but nodules are watched more closely in men.
Consider. The nodule appears to have grown significantly over the years which is concerning. I would recommend repeat fna biopsy and d/w your doctor if you should have thyroidectomy at this time because although fna was negative things may have changed over the years.
No. I don't think you need to have a thyroidectomy. Those nodules are very small . Keep watching them.
Thyroid. It sounds as if it is simple cysts but i would depend on my doctor to decide if a thyroidectomy is indicated.