What is the fix for red and irritated, watery eyes?

Find the cause. Before a solution can be outlined, a cause must be found. See your eye doctor to find the cause of your symptoms, from your description they are most likely from allergy or viral infection. Once cause has been determined, your doctor can formulate a plan to solve the problem efficiently.

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My eyes may be dry. I spend a lot of time on the computer, and when I go outside, my eyes get sensitive. Heavy eyelids, watery eyes, redness. Help!

See an Eye MD. In your age group dry eyes are less common than blepharitis, a condition were the oil producing glands become inspissated their orifice closes possibly related to stress. Then the extra oil cause heavy eyelids, watery eyes and redness. Another possible reason can be uncorrected significant astigmatism. Please see an ophthalmologist for correct diagnosis first.
Yes. You describe classic symptoms of dry eyes. However, you need to determine if you have a quantity problem (not making enough tears) or a quality problem (making tears that are not stable and readily evaporate off the eye) or both. Your eye md can help make the correct diagnosis and offer the appropriate treatment.
Try artificial tears. This is a very common problem with heavy computer use. Artificial tears over the counter are very helpful. Stay away from generics and brands like visine and clear-eyes. Systane, refresh, genteal, theratears, and blink are all good brands. They are safely used 3 - 4 times per day. If your symptoms persist, see an ophthalmologist.

My eye's inner corner (lower part) started aching a lot, I have no sign of watery eyes or redness. Could this be a stye that is growing?

Not sure. Usually with the stye you have some swelling. You did not discuss your age and certain problems especially when we get older like increase I pressure or glaucoma can occur. Since you see nothing your next move would be to see an ophthalmologist to clarify the cause of the pain.

I have recently had twitching in my left eyelid and rubing my eyes with watery eyes redness too I also have twitching in my mouth cheek on the right?

Muscle spasms. Twitching or muscle spasms can be spontaneous or possibly related to fatigue or stress. Watery eyes and redness could be caused by allergy or irritation. Eyes and eyelids are sensitive and can react to chemicals/products on your hair, face, hands.

I have itchy and watery eyes plus running nose wt occassional redness of the eye and ithyness at d back of the throat. Cause and medication pls.

Allergies. Sounds like you are allergic to something in your environment. This time of year pollen allergies are very common. Avoiding exposure is ideal, but often impractical. Try daily use of otc antihistamines like claritin, zyrtec, Allegra (available generically) and use salt water (saline) nasal spray to clear the passages. If no better, ask your doctor. Good luck!

What is the solution for red watery eyes and irritation in the eyes?

Allergy/blepharitis. Accurate diagnosis would be best carried out by eyecare specialist. This could be allergy if it is itchy. Antihistamines & cool compresses are best here. If there is burning & crusting it is likely blepharitis. Lid hygiene & drops/ointment would be treatment. If problem is new onset it may be infectious conjunctivitis. This is treated with drops. Definitely see your doc!

Suffering from red watery eyes for a week now along with itching. What should I do and know about that! And what proper OTC drug I might use?!

A few possibilities. This could be due to allergies, dry eyes, or eye infections. All can start or affect 1 eye first. The treatments are very different. For allergies, zaditor (ketotifen) is a good otc eye medicine. For dry eyes, lubricating tears are necessary. For infection, usually of the eyelids, start with eyelid warm compress and diluted baby shampoo scrubs. You should have a baseline exam with your eye doctor.