I have left abdominal pain, left back pain on hip, pain goes to my foot, it comes and goes through out the day when it pains I feel wet on my vagina why?

Need some tests. If there are no issues with your colon then the focus would be on two areas. One would be the lumbar spine as nerves being impinged upon arising from this area could radiate pain towards the hip and down the leg. Also nerve fibers from these nerve bundles could affect your pelvic organs. A female pelvic ; abdominal exam would be in order and x -rays of the spine ; pelvis; ultrasound of pelvis.
Radiating pelvicpain. Generally, when there is a pelvic growth be it uterine or ovarian, it will press on the nerves that go to your leg on the affected side. An exam by a gyn md can determine if that is a possibility or not.

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