How do I tell if I have real allergies or vasomotor rhinitis?

Testing. Rhinitis is just a stuff, running nose, with maybe sneezing. Allergic rhinitis is rhinitis that is caused by allergies and this is determined by skin testing. Vasomotor rhinits can co exist with ar and typically is triggered by cold air, odors, perfumes, bad smells.

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Most mornings I wake up with a runny nose and very often have nasal congestion. No temperature & I feel fine. No known allergies. Vasomotor rhinitis?

Combination problems. Congestion after lying down is due to dilation of nasal tissues related to gravity. That said, if your septum was straight you probably wouldn't feel congested. Also, most people have at least mild allergies so when you say "no known" do you mean negative tests? It turns our there is a commin condition called "local allergic rhinitis" where the nose is allergic but tests are negative. See an ent.

How do I tell if I have allergies or that vasomotor rhinitis thing?

Allergy testing. By getting allergy tests you will know. Otherwise the symptoms are very much the same.
Allergies. See an allergist for testing and then appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Can you explain the difference between vasomotor rhinitis and allergies?

Allergy vs irritant. Allergic rhinitis is an allergic response to pollen, molds, & pet dander; this requires sensitization (prior exposure) and subsequent production of allergic antibodies (called ige). Vasomotor rhinitis is due to irritation; 'vaso' means blood vessel while 'motor' implies something causes the vessels to react, typically irritants like smoke & dust. Skin testing is negative with vasomotor rhinitis.
Allergy vs. Not. Allergies happen when our bodies over-react to something like pollen, animal dander, foods. Vasomotor rhinitis is a stuffy runny nose that is *not* caused by allergies.

If you find that drainage is comming from your head and it is not vasomotor rhinitis or allergy what else can it be. Do I need a xray on my head.

Post nasal drip? When you mention drainage from your head, do you mean post nasal drip or nasal drainage? Chronic sinusitis can give you similar symptoms and an ENT doctor can help you determine if you have it. A ct scan may be indicated depending on your symptoms.
Possibly Dental. Have you been to your dentist latley? It is possible that you have dental abscesses that\ are casusing some drainage. Often the top teeth will have an abscess draining into the sinuses and as long as the infection finds a way to drain, you may not have any pain. Also, a full mouth series of dental x-rays might give some clues as to other possible problems if it is not dental related.

When I play my ps2, I get a stuffy / runny nose. So is this vasomotor rhinitis?

Moms would like that. Don't think so. I think that in order to take down the bad guys you are forced to sit on the carpet or the sofa for long periods of time with exposure to house dust mites or pet dander. You more likely have perennial allergic rhinitis to house dust mites, dog dander or cat dander.

Could you tell me any new medications for chronic vasomotor rhinitis?

Atrovent nasal spray. This is a prescription nasal spray and so you need to see a doc/nurse for an evaluation first. It is probably better used in conjunction with a nasal steroid spray. Atrovent works pretty well and fast...Consult your doc...Good luck.