What might cause vaginal dryness besides menopause?

Low estrogen. Any low estrogen situations, such as postpartum and nursing or treatment with Lupron (leuprolide) or depo-provera can cause vaginal dryness. The vagina might also feel dry during sex if there is not enough foreplay to stimulate arousal and lubrication.
Side effects of meds. It is an often overlooked issue..As your question: besides menopause! others' answers are true, but u want to know what beside low estrogen state such as menopause causing dryness. Antihistamines, antidepresants, antspasmodic agents, overactive bladder meds are common culprits of causing vaginal dryness, dry mouth etc...If u r taking such meds, i would blame on them first. Consult doc.. Good luck.
My second try! Sjogrens syndrome is the major autoimmune problem associated with vaginal dryness. Sjogrens may be primary disease, but can be milder co-existent problem (2') with sle, ra, & mctd.
Not enough space. Women look below, than here. If you have migraines, previous clotting, or estrogen receptor positive breast ca, these are not options. Lubricants are avaialable, but usually with time give less asatisfactory results. Women who have a uterus, must take another hormone-progesterone or analog sythetic pg. I favour the Estradiol given transdermall witea pure natural progesterone, in this case!
Atrophic vaginitis. Without estrogen two things happens to the vaginal lining (mucosa). 1. The tissue thins considerable. 2. And the glands that secrete lubricant atrophy. The thin tissue layer and dryness cause more discomofort and occasional vaginal bleeding. Several options exist":oral Estradiol ( the dominant hormone in the non-pregnant female, transdermal estradiol, conjugated estrogens, and vagin estrogen.
Low estrogen. Any condition that causes low estrogen levels may lead to vaginal dryness including being postpartum and use ofcertain medications (lupron (leuprolide) and aygestin). Lack of foreplay prior to intercourse can also be the problem.