What sort of results do you get from a bilateral mastectomy tram flap reconstructions?

Pictures best. Depends on many factors - reason for mastectomy, type of mastectomy performed, need for radiation, whether the reconstruction is done immediately following mastectomy or delayed by several months or years as well as training of the general surgeon and plastic surgeon. See representative post-operative pictures here: http://www.Plasticsurgery.Org/reconstructive-procedures/breast-reconstruction.Htm.
Maybe beautiful. Use of your own tissue in creating new breast mounds. You will spectacular in clothes/ bra but the "breast " is numb, no nipple unless tattoo /reconstruction later. Andyou have to go through a major procedure utilizing both rectus abdominus muscles ie. Your six pack flipped up.5 days in the hospital. Complications-fat necrosis, cellulitis//diep flaps use only your lower bellyfatwith vasc.Anast.