Does having sex at a young age increase your chance of getting pelvic inflammatory disease?

Yes. Risk factors for pelvic inflammatory disease include multiple sexual partners, unprotected intercourse, prior pid, douching, and young age at first sexual intercourse.
PID. Multiple partners and unprotected sex increases your chances of pid.

Related Questions

Can you contract pelvic inflammatory disease without having sex?

Unlikely. But sometimes, ascending pelvic infections associated with atypical bacteria have followed iud insertions, vaginal delivery, miscarriage, and uterine instrumentation.
Nope.. Pelvic inflammatory disease is the result of infection with sexually transmitted agents. No sex = no pid.

What are the chances of getting pelvic inflammatory disease?

It depends on your. This is a question you need to discuss with your physician. It depends on your general health and your gynecology health.

I practice safe sex, can I still catch pelvic inflammatory disease?

Yes, but.... .. The use of condoms reduces the risk. But condoms are not 100% effective.
Yes. Depends what you call safe sex. Acquisition can come from many routes. Kissing can transmit herpes. Condoms break, etc, etc. Know your partner!