Are vaccines safe for my baby?

Yes. Yes. Not only are they safe, they are extremely important to protect your little bundle of joy from serious diseases that are potentially in the community, and that could have dire consequences if contracted. Please follow the recommendations of the aap/cdc/acip and discuss with your doctor. There is no need to delay them or space them out. They are safe.
Yes. Vaccines undergo years of extensive testing, including being given in combination with other vaccines. There is continuing surveillance after the vaccine is given to the public there may be mild side effects such as soreness, but the risk of a serious permanent reaction is probably less than the chance of your baby being struck by lightning.For specific medical problems, talk to your pediatrician.
Yes. Vaccines are safe. Serious adverse reactions are rare - around 1 in 600, 000 vaccines given. That's about as common as being struck by lightning. There have been numerous studies demonstrating no connection between vaccines and autism. There are some minor adverse reactions (fever, pain at injection site), and these occur about 1 in every 30 vaccines given.
Yes. Vaccines have undergone many safety studies over the years and have made a large impact of preventing very serious diseases in children. They are designed to stimulate the baby's immune system to produce antibodies to prevent life-threatening illnesses. A great resource for more information can be found at http://www.Aap.Org/immunization/families/vaccinesafety_parenthandout.Pdf.
Yes. Yes, vaccines are very safe for babies. Vaccines are very well studied before they are released and continue to be evaluated for safety after their release. In recent years, the medical community has also done multiple large studies looking at vaccine safety and found them to be perfectly safe for babies.
Yes. Yes yes yes! when thinking of vaccines, please realize that prevention is better than cure. Vaccines are the most significant form of prevention developed by modern medicine! the diseases which are vaccine preventable can be deadly. Do your research and make sure you get all your questions answered, but be careful where you get your info. There are many antivaccine groups spreading misinformation.
Yes. Overwhelmingly yes. The data on vaccines in many different formats and surveillance systems says yes, that shots are very safe for children. Combine that with the fact that they work so well in preventing deadly diseases and this really should be a no brainer for parents. Simply look at risk of death for infants in 1910 - 20% died by age 5. Majority was from vaccine preventable diseases.
Absolutely! In my opinion, vaccines are second only to clean water in improving the overall quality of life worldwide. Vaccines act to strengthen your baby's immune system, allowing them to fight off an infection that could have led to their death in the pre-vaccine era. It is critical for your child to get them according to the schedule published by the cdc and aap to minimize the risk of serious infection.
YES !!! It is unfortunate that even doctors can be misinformed.Years of research proves that serious side effects of vaccines are unbelievably rare and are far, far less dangerous than the risk of acquiring and suffering from the diseases prevented. Seperating the vaccines does no good and propagating false notions that have been debunked, such as alternate schedules and preservative problems is irresponsi.
Yes. Serious vaccine side effects occur less than 1 in 100, 000 vaccinations. Studies show that babies from birth can physiologically tolerate 10, 000 vaccinations at once. (luckily we are not that mean!) families from developing countries, where vaccine-preventable diseases are still seen, and very pro-vaccine, because they see the horrible complications from these illnesses.
Yes. Vaccines are safe, but the diseases that they prevent are fatal so you want to be protected as quickly as possible.
Yes. Yes, vaccines are safe for babies. Vaccines have been safely used in hundreds of millions of babies to prevent bad diseases. If a particular baby has a very weak immune system, and there is concern about live vaccines, the doctor will make special recommendations. If a baby had some reaction after a vaccine, the doctor may also have special advice for the family.
Yes. Vaccines have their place. Currently your child will receive 59 vaccines between 2 months and age 5. 20 years ago, it was only 18 total between 2 months and 5 years. Some physicians are open to giving vaccines on a slower schedule and find that patients have fewer reactions and parents are happier.... And they have all the required vaccines before school entry.
ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!! there is a lot of anxiety about vaccines today, but most people have never seen the effects of not being immunized. The alleged association between MMR and autism has been debunked by many studies and 12 of the 13 authors of the study have reversed their findings and the author has had his license to practice medicine revoked. The safety of the vaccines has been extensively tested.
Not necessarily. The literature says vaccines are safe. There are additional chemicals in them like aluminum, glutaraldehyde, and formaldehyde that may not be safe for all children. It is safe to give them at a slower rate- no more than two at a time is ideal in my opinion. Immunity will be the same and side effects will be less.
Yes. ...And far, far safer than getting the illness that the vaccine was designed to protect your baby from. However, you are asking a good question that should be taken seriously and answered thoughtfully by your pediatrician. There are other good resources at the children's hospital of philadelphia website, and immunizenow.Org so you know what questions you really want answered.
Yes. All pediatric vaccines are safe and effective and should be given at the recommended time and on the recommended schedule. Vaccines have saved countless lives across the world and numerous medical studies have been done that prove the safety of vaccines. There are many misconceptions and much misinformation about vaccines. Talk to you pediatrician about this, and please vaccinate your children.
Vaccines. Vaccines are safe , they protect against deadly deases, the most common side effects are local swelling, pain, fever which you can prevented or controlled with tylenol (acetaminophen) & ice pk. So please go ahead & protect your child, your pediatrician will provide you with vaccine information sheet for every vaccine the baby gets. Good luck & enjoy your baby. .