Can anxiety cause a person to get neck and throat tightness?

Yes but. Yrs, but so can medical conditions like heart attacks and allergic reactions (not trying to cause more anxiety!) - give your doctor a call. If you don't have one, and this is new for you, go to a clinic or ed right away.

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I have anxiety/panic attacks and get a lot of physiological symptom (fast heart, throat tightness, chest pain)recently I have a sinking feel in heart....

Testing is needed. Obtain an ambulatory 24 hour EKG monitor and be sure your symptoms are not due to a cardiac arrhythmia or inappropriate sinus tachycardia, most of which are treatable. Obtain a thyroid test as well. If your symptoms are due to anxiety, listen to them and use biofeedback to begin to control your heart rate and contraction force.

I'm having constant throat tightness ("lump") and muscle pain. Could it be anxiety?

Yes, however... Anxiety can commonly manifest in the body as muscle tension, muscle tightness and pain. However, other medical conditions can also manifest with these symptoms. See your primary care doctor to evaluate for other medical diagnoses. If it is an anxiety condition, a cognitive-behavioral therapist may help or medication.

What can be causing throat tightness stress/anxiety?

Throat. Certainly. If you are under a lot stress this can occur. But if it is going on for a while, wouldn't be a bad idea to be checked.
As above. I advise u to see your PCP for evaluation and treatment.
Throat tightness. There are many possible causes for throat tightness, including medication side effects, drugs, as well as multiple other conditions. Anxiety can manifest in physical symptoms such as chest pressure/pain; throat tightness and choking sensation; rapid shallow breathing; nausea; dizziness; numbness & tingling, and many more. Working with your primary care doctor may provide personal answers.

Anxiety-throat tightness--what is relationship?

Autonomic response. Similar to the answer about flushing; anxiety, worry, fear trigger autonomic (automatic unconscious) physiological chemical responses in our central nervous system (brain). Emotions have a vast array of somatic (body) effects: get to the underlying source of anxiety or at least develop some healthy coping alternatives: relaxation, meditation, breathing techniques, visualization.

Has anyone with anxiety-based throat tightness/difficulty breathing been treated with a PEP exhaling device?

Anxiety Sob. Never tired that but some get relief by breathing into a paper bag. This lets CO2 build up and may decrease the anxiety. Give it a try for say 5-10 min and get back with us.