Doctor told me to do test - hsv2, HIV, and vdrl for white boils on my penis. All test are negative. Then what are the boils. Please let me know.

Two possibilities. You might have either "pearly penile papules" (http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/hirsuties_coronae_glandis) or "molluscum contagiosum" (http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/molluscum_contagiosum). Penile papules is benign and needs no treatment. Molluscum can be treated in various ways (see http://emedicine.Medscape.Com/article/910570-treatment). See if one of the online pictures resembles your "boils.".
Penile lesions. Must see these to diagnose. Why don't you ask the doctor seeing you to explain or to provide a referral to another expert if they do not know?
Sebaceous Cysts. I am not sure who told you to do these tests, white sebum glands or papules on the penis are not in any way hiv, hsv, or syphilis. If you were in my office these papules are usually easily diagnosed because they can be seen. Most white lesions on the penis are benign sebaceous cysts that will heal on their own. If a doctor examined you and recommended these tests that you did you need another doc.