I smoked marijuana seldom in small doses am 5'10 150 pds my hair grows slow and the last usage was 12/16/13 can I be clean for a hair follicle by 3/12?

Hopefully... The reason you have a good chance of testing clean is that you use it seldom in small doses and have now abstained for a few months. Based on this the odds are good you will test clean but there are no guarantees. I feel such testing in an intrusive invasion of privacy. See http://www.Canorml.Org/healthfacts/testing.Tips.Html good luck!
Probably not. Even if your hair grows more slowly than most, it is likely that hair within an inch (where the cannabis will show up) will be present. You really need to consider, if you are smoking marijuana with the possibility of being tested, and are still willing to take the risks, that marijuana may be more of a problem for you than you think. Give it consideration and consider quitting.