What are best foods to eat if you have a spastic colon?

Frequency. It's not so much that there is a particular type of food that causes problems with spastic colon. Any food or stretching of the colon will cause the sensation of pain and cramping and bloating. More frequent meals and smaller sized meals are usually a better way to go.Fiber and probiotics have also been shown to be helpful in reducing symptoms.

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I'm a celiac (wheat and gluten allergic) plus have a spastic colon! Do you have any ideas about what to eat?

Idea re: who to ask. Consider these websites: celiac.Org and celiac.Com as a first step. They will direct you to celiac support groups where you can find people with digestive issues similar to yours. They have to eat, too. Clinical nutritionists typically know more than doctors about what to eat. One working in a GI department at your nearest medical school may be among the most knowledgeable. Read more...

Can you give me advice? I have been diagnosed with lactose intolerence and spastic colon. What can I eat?

Avoid all dairy. Lactose is a sugar contained in milk from cows, goats, and sheep. Many people don't digest/tolerate it well. To eliminate lactose, you must avoid any product made from milk from these animals, including milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, etc. Some beers are also fermented with lactose (milk stout). You can easily find "lactose-free" versions of many products including milk and yogurt. Read more...