Can sperm enter cervix during the 1st day of period? No vaginal intercourse, but dime sized watery semen rolled into vagina w/small tampon in.

Can sperm do what? Can sperm enter the vagina? Yes. But not common and in the situation you describe not likely. Can sperm left inside of the vagina swim into and through the cervix? Yes. That is their job and what they are designed to do. Can a girl get pregnant on her first day of her period? Nope. Not likely. Ovulation and fertility are at the opposite end of the cycle.

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How long could sperm survive during a hvy period? We didn't have sex but semen rolled down from stomach into vagina on 1st day of period w/ tampon in

Doesn't matter. It is very unlikely sperm rolled into the vagina. But it doesn't matter. You are not ovulating when you have you're period. Ovulation is when you are fertile. Not during your period. Read more...