Is hand foot and mouth what sheep get?

No. Hand-foot-mouth disease is a viral infection that causes fever, blister-like spots in the mouth, and/or a skin rash. Hand-foot-mouth disease is not the foot-and-mouth (or hoof-and-mouth) disease of cattle, sheep, and pigs. The two diseases are not related. They are caused by different viruses. Humans do not get the animal disease, and animals do not get the human disease.
No. No hand, foot and mouth disease is a mild viral illness that young children get. They usually have sores in their mouth and small blisters on the tips of their fingers and toes. No treatment is needed.
Hoof ; Mouth disease. Humans can be infected with foot-and-mouth disease through contact with infected animals, but this is extremely rare. Another viral disease with similar symptoms, hand, foot and mouth disease, occurs more frequently in humans, especially in young children; the cause, coxsackie a virus, is different from foot ; mouth disease virus (aphthae epizooticae).
No. Cattle get "hoof and mouth" disease. It's caused by a completely different virus.