What causes high blood pressure in a young man in his 20's?

Genes, aldosterone, From 15-35% of hypertension results from secondary causes (excess hormones, abnormal blood vessels). This is more likely to be the case in a young person, especially if no family history of high blood pressure. If your BP is verified as high, secondary causes should be evaluated, and if ruled out, treated with lifestyle changes and if necessary, medicines.

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What are the causes of high blood pressure in a young man?

Many causes. The degree of high BP and response to treatment is the key, . Obtain 5 - 10 readings and see what the average is. From there one treats, but in the absence of being overweight, essential hypertension is the most likely cause, ie, it occurs and no specific cause is identified.

Holo systolic murmur and high blood pressure in a young man?

Question? Not sure what the question is. Can they occur? Yes should it be checked by a doctor? Yes. Could it be serious? Yes.

What causes high blood pressure in a young child?

See your doctor. High blood pressure in b a young child can have several causes but are more likely to have a medical cause beyond just being overweight. Seeing a doctor to check for signs of kidney, thyroid or heart disease is important. Sometimes it is more a matter of the blood pressure having been checked incorrectly, so if you are getting high readings in a drugstore have your doctor re-check the pressure.
Many possibilities. There are a variety of issues that deserve screening when a kid has high blood pressure. The kidney is often looked at closely because various chemicals that originate from the kidney help drive the pressure. Other issues of diet & size can also come into play as well as a group of less common factors. Your pcp should work this up or send you to a pedi-nephrologist for answers.

Can amitryptiline cause very high blood pressure in a young adult? I am on 50mg for my condition CRPS. I am now on atenolol 62.5mg to manage it

High vs low BP. Check out http://www. Drugs. Com/sfx/amitriptyline-side-effects. Html. Apparently amitriptyline can cause low & high blood pressure. Discuss your concerns w/your treating physician. Of note, Atenolol isn't usually prescribed as 62.5mg. If you note fatigue/lethargy and/or loss of athletic endurance, ask to change to different class of blood pressure lowering medications.

What is the names of the high blood pressure meds that are likely to cause ED in men?

Ed. Beta blocker ie Inderal (propranolol) atenolol Lopressor Coreg. Clonidine. Calcium channel are less prone but can cause ed. Stick to ace inhibitors and arbs.

Causes for high BP I am on atenolol 62.5 mg and I still have very high BP can certain medications give you high blood pressure? Also I am young, fit

Hypertension. Most people who have hypertension or high blood pressure have no known cause aside from obesity & excess salt. Yes, some medications can raise blood pressure. But in young people & those who need 5 or more drugs, we worry about renal artery stenosis, Conn syndrome, pheochromocytoma etc. Check out http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/high-blood-pressure/basics/causes/con-20019580.