Can the phytoestrogen in soy milk be enough to affect my hormone balance?

Yes. Phytoestrogens have very weak estrogenic activity. Some women are very sensitive to tiny changes in estrogens/testosterone balance (yes, both sexes have all the 'sex' hormones just different proportions)this being said, just a physician, or tv ad, or internet can have profound effects on what one thinks: 'oh, i definitely have that'. I find 99+ time, it's all in the mind. There, i said it.
Yes and No. Can the phytoestrogen in soymilk be enough to affect my hormone balance? Yes and No Phytoestrogen our plant-based estrogens, which have some similarity to the estradiol, found in our bodies. The problem is most women don't need more estrogen per se but they need a balance between the estrogens the progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol. What brings your hormones in balance is having the right balance between multiple different hormones in your body. Too often the literature has referred to estrogen as being the important hormones missing in postmenopausal women. Yes it is true, that the amount of estrogen produced by the body goes down as one moves into menopause but it's the relationship between all of the hormones that's the important factor. In our office we use a questionnaire and saliva testing to come up with an accurate assessment of one's hormonal balance. We then treat accordingly. Our success rate is quite significant. We only use natural hormone therapy in our office. We look at the whole patient and attempt to bring a balance to the whole patient with hormone balancing being one component. If you would like to go into more details about your specific issues, contact us at Thanks for the question I hope that was helpful to you.

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Can phytoestrogens cause changes in menstrual cycles? I swapped milk for soy milk for a month & had spotting. It stopped when I stopped drinking soy.

Possibly. Soy protein is a phytoestrogen and estrogens can thicken the lining of the uterus causing spotting. Though this is more of an issue in menopausal women. At your age, infection is more likely to be the cause of spotting or undiagnosed pregnancy. Read more...