It is normal to have spotting and cramps days after embryo transfer?

It depends. If the transfer was difficult, a tenaculum needed, or if there was a wide ectropion of the cervix bleeding could have been stirred up with the procedure. Sometimes we see bleeding/ spotting with vaginal Progesterone use. The cramping may be due to other causes such as ovarian enlargement and not of uterine etiology. I would recommed calling your ivf program to discuss with them.
Ask your doctor. Spotting could be implantation or fetal loss.....Thye will probably do a sonogram and check blood.

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On day 11 after embryo transfer did a htp test shows negative had previously on day 7 and 9 had noticed very small pinky spotting whats going on?

Wait and see. After IVF treatment it is important to keep your follow up with your specialists. The next step is to wait and see if the treatment was successful and if the pregnancy established. Typically Fertility specialists recommend a blood BHCG 2 weeks after. Read more...

8 days post embryo transfer spotting cramping is it ok to walk around?

Yes. Contrary to what many people believe, there is no need for bed rest after embryo transfer. Walking is perfectly fine after the embryo transfer procedure, even if you are spotting/cramping. Though your symptoms don't sound good, it's still possible you are pregnant. Good luck! Read more...