Recently got my blood test report. 1. Ast (sgot)-65 (range:10-40 u/l) 2. Alt (sgpt)-71 (range:09-46 u/l) 3. Cholesterol-hdl (37) & ldl/hdl ratio>3.03 (avg. Risk 2.29-4.90) what could these be indicating?

Lab data. You have some form of hepatitis (irritation of liver cells) but the cause of this is unclear. Your lipid profile is incomplete but what you provided seems of no major concern. None of this is of substantial value without placing it into a clinical context and the only person who can do that is the doctor who ordered the testing.
Fatigue. Your blood tests for liver function are abnormally high. You should contact your doctor about these abnormal tests to see what the problem is causing the abnormality. Also HDL is abnormal.