Elevated indirect bilirubin, normal direct bilirubin, low red blood cell count, normal white blood cell count, iron overload (83), enlarged spleen?

Need more informatio. We can not comment on these blood tests without knowing your hemoglobin and hematocrit andtotal rbc level.Total iron, iron binding capacity and most important ferritin level also need to know the values of liver enzymes;level of indirect bilirubin i suggest you consult your doctor who may have all this information and can tell you if anything needs to be done or just follow up.
Too little info. It sounds like a liver problem, but without actually seeing your bloodwork and ultrasound or whatever other reports, it's virtually impossible to make the correct diagnosis.

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My Lab results show low white blood cell count & liver enzymes over 1000. Found out I have enlarged spleen and Cholecystitis. What could be the cause?

Liver disease. Cholesystitis doesn't usually cause a low white count, enlarged spleen and severe elevation of liver enzymes. Chronic hepatitis is suggested. It could be viral or autoimmune. A gastroenterologist should be involved in your care, and an abdominal surgeon should be consulted about the inflammation of the gall bladder which may be chronic rather than acute. Read more...